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Monday, April 11, 2005



Because I can.

For as long as I can remember, I've been asked every stupid question that every vegan gets asked by every non-vegan. But, being a vegan who also smokes, I get some additional questions thrown into the mix that the non-smoking vegan never has to deal with. For some reason, omnis feel they have some vested interest in my life, and need to question not only my diet, but how smoking fits into that. Hence the reason for this blog.

Don't you think it's kind of contradictory that you're vegan and you smoke?
Fuck no. What, am I eating the goddamned cigarettes? Are they chalk-full of animal parts?* Why do you care anyway?

Such are my typical responses. It usually takes a minute, but more often than not, folks tend to realize that they have just asked an abysmally stupid question.

Once in a while, there's a quasi-valid philosophical issue behind the question, which normally revolves around the fact that many vegans advertise veganism as a healthy lifestyle (which it is). Doesn't my smoking contradict that? I suppose it would. If I was vegan for my health, which I'm not. Besides, I don't want to live that much longer than all of my friends and family. Just a little.

The bottom line? I like smoking. I love smoking. If I could marry the verb "smoking," I would do it. It's delicious. I like smoking all kinds of things all sorts of ways: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, shisha, and every now and then, the sticky-sticky. No crack though. Sorry. If you're looking for vegan crack smokers, you're going to have to find a different blog.

So here's a little taste of what to expect from the smoking vegan. Other topics I plan on bangin' on in the near future: animal rights, smoking bans, recipes for cooking people, the many uses of vegenaise, and a write-up about the new hookah I just ordered.

I know it don't look fancy, but that's kind of the point for once. This particular venture of mine is all about the content, not about the look. Mostly, it's just a space for me to be mad, and once in a while, funny.

Are you a smoking vegan? Challah back at me in the comments, biatch.

(*To be fair, I have heard that many brands of cigarettes use a horse-based glue for the paper tubes; however, I've never had that verified and personally find it a little far-fetched. That said, Winstons do not use animal-based adhesive, are additive free--so they taste less like rat poison and arsenic--and are my smoke of choice).

It is funny how people are with veganism. IF you tell them that you're a vegan for health reasons, they're completely cool with that. "Oh, how brave of you. Wow, it must really suck to give up meat." If you tell them that you're a vegan for animal rights/ethical reasons, they usually say something deeply fucked up like "Hey buddy, I love fuckin steak. MMMMMMm. steak. Screw the animals. I eat 'em 'cause they're TASTY, and you'll never stop me."

Point is, we live in what is likely the most narcissistic culture ever to have "graced" the face of the goddamn earth. If you're doing something for yourself, they get it. If you do something to reduce the suffering of other animals, you're suddenly part of the fringe element who wants to remove all that is good in the world. This is why these people can never wrap their head around the fact that you're a smoker *and* a vegan.
I'm a smoking vegan, but don't tell anyone. Rep to protect.
secret is safe with me...
There are more of us than people think. Even than other vegans think.
TSV, just a quick shoutout first; I love your blog. As a fellow vegan it is wicked to see my own opinions so eloquently summarized.

However, I am interested to hear you explain your smoking habit in light of the fact that most cigarette manufacturers are the same corporate assholes you berate in your co-op post. Philip Morris' parent company Altria for example not only makes wee little cancer sticks but many other horrible products like Gummi Savers, Jell-O, various and sundry other meat and dairy products.

Is this the type of organization you want to support? I don't want to be a preachy, snotty told-you-so type vegan but your post on smoking seemed to be asking for reasons why it wasn't okay to be a vegan and smoke.

Either way, I've got mad respect for you, your blog and your message.


Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

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vegan smoker, representing

I smoke a hookah occasionally. No cigs, mostly cuz my parents smoke and I've always thought it to be gross, and because the big tobacco companies freak me out. No wacky tobaccy cuz I try to adhere to the buddhist precepts, which include avoiding intoxicants which cause heedlessness.

props on living your life the way you see fit yo.
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Ha ha ha! Since I work at a Subway restaurant I get that shit all the time from customers asking if I had the the new sandwich and I respond "I haven't tried it yet and never will because I'm vegan" and since I live in a meat head dominated area I usually get a lot of offensive responses. It's sort of like not watching American football and being open about it. you get reactions like "like whaaaaaaat!! you don't like football!! un-American piece of shit". Going back to the topic of being a smoking vegan I only smoke cigars and pipes and on a weekly basis questioned numerous times on the fact smoking of any kind is bad and I respond usually with "I'm smoking part of my daily vegetables shut up". Peace//equality//liberation//veganism
What shisha do you smoke? I find it extremely difficult to find any shisha that doesn't contain glycerin and/or honey. I've emailed several companies and even they don't know what's really in most of them.
I think cigarette adhesive is typically gum arabic, which is vegan. Not sure about the other ingredients.
In response to Jumbo, you don't have to support Big Tobacco to be a smoker. At least in my town, there are plenty of local tobacco shops with organic and locally grown tobacco. I have a question about shisha though; how can you tell whether or not it is vegan? Shisha contains glycerin, and glyerin can be either plant or animal derived. So, does anyone know of any specified vegan shisha?
In response to Jumbo, you don't have to support Big Tobacco to be a smoker. At least in my town, there are plenty of local tobacco shops with organic and locally grown tobacco. I have a question about shisha though; how can you tell whether or not it is vegan? Shisha contains glycerin, and glyerin can be either plant or animal derived. So, does anyone know of any specified vegan shisha?
Until recently I thought was the only smoking vegan. I'm completely mind fucked that you also smoke my choice of cigarettes too.
Hi, I am a bit confused about something. When I first became vegan, I smoked occasionally but made an effort not to. Then I went to university and was so poor, and found that tobacco was cheaper than food (I was literally that poor) so started smoking. But by smoking, aren't we supporting people who farm tobacco at the expense of animals habitats? I'd really like to hear your thoughts guys!!
im a smoking vegan, and lately i found that other vegans find this offensive and on a website these same vegans called "smoking vegans" dirty smelly bastards and dont we know that animals in labs are forced to smoke etc, this pissed me off a little as i enjoy smoking and im aware exactly that i could be damaging my health and no one is forcing me to smoke, so why all the holier than thou from others, they cant tell me what to do, only i am in charge of myself!!

so i totally agree with blog,there are other things which concern me more!!!
I'm a vegan and I smoke bud everyday. I think I smoked shisha with animal glycerin once though so that's something to watch out for.
Also to Briana

Saalaam natural shisha and fantasia shisha are both vegan. The saalaam one is tobacco free though.
Awesome blog!!! I always feel like a trashy vegan when I smoke. I quit for a while and I was proud of myself and I think giving up honey really was more difficult as far as craving my favorite Black and White Arazona tea. The only reasons I have to quit are my health and peer pressure. The truth is that I just felt more of a drive to give up things for ethical reasons then for health reasons, and if I just wanted to be like my peers then I would still be eating animals. I have really been struggeling lately with all the veggie and vegan haters.
oh thanks for this great rant, yes I have been shamed in our vegan community as a smoker. About half of them have been fine but I am back to hanging with my smoking omni friends right now - hard as that is too, but I was tired of going to vegan events and never knowing when some clown was going to insult me re. my habit. Funny thing is I knew a few people, heavily involved in committees etc. who liked to come to my place for a ciggy on the quiet but otherwise kept their smoking secret. It's a shame because we all should be networking and working together for animals not judging each other.
Fantasia has honey. Not vegan.
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The only issue I have as a vegan and smokig is animal testing and potential animal ingrediets in the products
Vegan smoker... Not proud of it and trying to quite life happens.
Vegan smoker here. Of course, many brands of tobacco are tested on animals and I try to buy the brand that don't (American Spirit, Pueblo, etc.). But living in the UK at the moment that's pretty hard to do because they are not widely sold tother vegans and I'm not proud of that. When omnis criticise me for me, though, I can get a bit acerbic. I don't evangelise or try and convince people of becoming vegan, (I do talk about it when people ask me, though, of course.); but when someone who stuffs their face with meat and milk and eggs everyday calls me out for not being a true vegan because I smoke, it rubs me the wrong way.
My post above became a bit garbled... I meant to write that I sometimes get criticised by other vegans and that I'm not proud of that (smoking stuff that's been tested on animals).
I really appreciate your blog and have gained so much neede information. A sincere thanks to you.

Mya Hookahs

Though I do agree you certainly have the right to live your life the way you prefer, (and then rant about it online... Hey, it's your blog), smoking generic brand cigarettes isn't vegan because basically every cigarette company tests on animals. By your rational, if you claim it's vegan because you are not eating the cigarette, then you can also wear leather and fur (unless you enjoy eating your clothes). Furthermore, you admitted that some cigarette brands do contain animal ingredients, which I am assuming are the brands you do not buy? Hopefully, or this blog entry has lost it's point and merit entirely. However, even if they don't contain animal ingredients they are almost always tested on animals. A lot of people are unaware that cigarettes are tested on animals because it's illogical and idiotic, however it is true. If you claim to be a vegan and actually want it to be an accurate statement, I'd recommend switching to herbal smokes or doing more research into your options. If you are a vegan and don't do research you're probably not a vegan at all, as much as you'd like to believe it, as there is so much hidden information.
Vegan smoker here... usually tell people that chances of developing lung cancer is very much reduced by having blood in your veins that kill carcinogens 8 times more efficiently. Source; Nutrition facts.
You really delivered reliable information. Thank you regarding discussing information.

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco
I am a vegan for health and for ethical reasons, that doesn't mean I don't understand the farm industry Including animals I choose not to support it. I also understand that there are places where growing veggies is not a choice.
I also do not eat GMO foods, wheat, and eat very little soy and non organic veggies. Oh yes and I have been smoking cigars for over 20 years. In fact I belong to clubs and I have a blog where I review them. Why? Because I enjoy them. George burns smoked them till he died at 100. The oldest living WWII vet at 109 has smoked them for 9 decades. They are relaxing, taste great go good with blues music and camp fires. I love the way they smell new and while burning, and as far as I know they are not hand rolled by slave koalas and made with baby seal parts. And I love a good hookah.
Fucking ditto.
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